Answers (Include your first name.)

Hannah S- Capillary action
Joe C- Blue litmus paper will turn red when dippped in an acid and will stay blue when dipped in a base
Kelsey M- Limus paper is made out of a type of fungus, where as regular printer paper is just made out of wood fibers.
Lauren P.- The answer is E
Ben R- The dye that is used is called litmus paper, which can be used to detect pH of anything.
Arjun R- The litmus paper will not change colors, however it will turn a little darker or lighter depending on the substance (but there will be no REAL change)
Amanda R- The answer is C. Vinegar is an acid so it turns red on the blue litmus paper.
Ryan C- The answer is c. On red litmus paper, if it stays red, the solution is either neutral, or acidic.
Kunal- Red litmus paper will turn blue once it reacts with a base.
Alex- The red and blue litmus paper use different dyes to determine if the chemical is acid or base, and each dye only tells one of them.
Ricky- The color will turn orange because if you look at the litmus paper chart, lemon juice or citric acid (fruits) will turn orange.
Reagan A- The litmus paper IS bleached and yes it IS reversable.