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1. (Wes) The pH determines how acidic or basic a solution is. If the pH is above 7, then it is more basic, and if it is below 7 it is more acidic.
2. (Emily) What is the neutral pH level?
The answer is "C"- 7.
3. (Brianna) .
4. (Jake) False the pH of pure water is 7 and the pH of sea water is 8
5. (Peter) Acetic Acid, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Nitric Acid
6. (Kristen) No, soapy water is not more basic than bleaches. This is because the higher the pH value the more basic it is and soapy water has the pH value of 12. Bleaches have the pH value of 13 therefore bleaches are more basic than soapy water.
7. (Ryan Ch.) It has a camera at the end of the pen-like devise.