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1. Finding the pH is a way to find the acidity of a substance.

2. (Matt L.) True:, Explanation: The pH scale is a log scale because every change in 1 pH unit corresponds to a power of 10. So something of pH 1 compared to something of pH 5 is 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 (10000 x) more acidic.

3. (Ms. Todd) When an acid and base are added together an exothermic reaction occurs and a salt and water are created. This is called neutralization. For example, when HCl + NaOH are mixed together a salt- NaCl and H2O are formed.

4. An acid releases positive ions and taste sour, while bases accept postive ions and taste bitter. Both acids and bases are corrosive.

5. Bases are commonly associated with a hydroxide ion because most compounds that contain hydroxide are bases.

7. (Marisa) Acids increase the hydronium concentration in a substance and therefore lower it's pH value, making it more acidic. Bases decrease the hydronium concentration in the substance, raising the pH value of the substance and making it more basic.

8. (Keenan) Answer
-Base 10

9. (Tara) Bases accept hydronium ions to create water.
10. (Abby) H+ + H20 = H3O+
11. (Adam) Corrosive means it can break down metals. An example would be rust, or iron oxide.

12. (Benjamin) Most of the foods are acids or neutrals. Sour foods (acidic foods) are more popular these days than bitter foods (basic foods). There are bitter foods but they are what they sound like, bitter.