Answers (Include your first name.)

1.) An acid. (Caitlin)
2.) It can be used as a way to test ph becasue the color that it gives off can show wether it is an acid or a base. (Tyler H)
3.) The substance is a base. (Jacky)
4.) It would turn red because the lower the pH, the more acidic the substance is. (Christine)
5.) They are all red plants and they all contain anthocyanin, the chemical that is used to test pH.
6.) This would be more of a base simply because the more blue a substance appears when being tested the more basic it is and the redder a substance is, it is more acidic
7.) If the substance turns a red, pink or orange color, this means that the substance is acidic. (Haleigh)
8.) Acid would be blue/green color. Neutral would be purple. (Sydney)
9). Neutral substances

13) a) one of the most acidic. for example vinegar or lemon juice. (Ivan)